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CPA . Leonard Nyamasege- Director
 This is a service support directorate set to promote good financial management at the county assembly and to provide an excellent level  of service to Members of the County Assembly and other departments.The directorate consists of two departments;








The department has 10 officers as below: 

ednah otengo

CPA. Edinah Otengo - Deputy Director


Mr. Nehemiah NyakundiAccountant


CPA. Evelyne Kiage  Accountant


Mr. Duke MaroroAccountant


Ms. Dorcas Nyakungu Accountant


CPA. Stephen Atambo Accountant

kevin osoro

Mr. Kevin Osoro Accountant


Mr. Dominic Momanyi Accountant 


Ms. Ann Kemuma Accountant


Ms. Sheila Ongeri  - Accountant


Ms. Mercy Okerio -Accountant 

Duties and Responsibilities of Accounts Department      

1.Ensuring sound financial and accounting procedures, principles and controls;
2.Implementing financial reports, statements and accounting records;
3.Overseeing cash and Credit management and exchequer operations for expenditure in liaison with Central Bank of Kenya and other banks;
4.Developing and implementing financial management policies, systems and procedures aimed at improving financial reporting and accounting;
5.Planning and coordinating timely preparation of annual work plans and budget estimate;
6.Providing strategic direction in the Finance and Planning functions of the Assembly;
7.Working closely with the Management team and advising on financial implications of the proposed action;
8.Developing, reviewing and implementing appropriate Financial Policy Framework to guide decision making;
9.Following up with Officers in the Department on noncompliance with standards, circulars, financial regulations and procedures, letters and policies;
10.Controlling, monitoring and implementing County Assembly’s financial resources;
11.Ensuring adherence to contractual agreement; and
12.Ensure safe custody of records.



The Budget Office is a non-partisan professional office in the Assembly whose function is to profile professional non-partisan advice, conduct objective analysis in respect of the budget, finance and the economy.

The vision for Budget office is to be a leading centre for non-partisan economic and budgeting advice for effective legislative decision-making and oversight. The budget office is committed to upholding the following core values:

(i) professionalism, (ii) impartiality, (iii) objectivity, (iv) confidentiality, (v) integrity and, (vi) teamwork.

The roles and functions of budget office include;

    1. Provide professional services in respect to budget, finance, and economic information to the committees of County Assembly;
    2. Prepare reports on budgetary projections and economic forecasts and make proposals to the committee of the County Assembly responsible for budgetary matters;
    3. Prepare analyses of specific issues, including financial risk posed by government policies and activities to guide County Assembly;
    4. Consider budget proposals and economic trends and make recommendations to the relevant committee of County Assembly with respect to those proposals and trends;
    5. Establish and foster relationships with National Treasury, County Treasury, and other National and international organizations with an interest in budgetary socio-economic matters it considers appropriate for the efficient and effective performance of its functions;
    6. Analysis of finance bill and other budget related bills for County Assembly;
    7. Analysis of the annual budget for the County Assembly;
    8. Monitoring of County Assembly expenditure and implementation of annual budget and;
    9. Control, monitor, update, account, update and coordinate with relevant departments for a comprehensive asset verification and custodian of assets in the County Assembly.

The members of the department are: 


Mr.Jeremiah Omwoyo Chebana

Principal Budget and

Asset Management Officer



Mr. Zablon Ainda

Fiscal analyst



Mr. Wycliffe Maoga

Finance Officer


Ms. Maureen Abaya

Finance Officer





The Vision 

To be the best internal audit service in terms of professionalism, integrity and fairness in the public sector in Kenya and beyond.

The Mission

 The mission of the Internal Audit Department is to assist the management and the Board to accomplish their mission by providing assurance and consulting services designed to add value and improve the Assembly's operations. The Department helps the Assembly accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes

 Internal audit staff 


CPA. Joash Mwamba



CPA. Erick Koroba


Audit Committee Membership

Mandate of internal Audit.

The department is charged with the following key responsibilities: -

  • Continuous review of the risk environment of the Assembly’s operations
  • Continuous review of internal processes and  controls to determine their effectiveness in risk management
  • Continuous review of financial reporting, performance and controls
  • Monitoring of compliance with regulatory requirements, professional demands and good practices
  • Monitoring of compliance with internal policies, management directives and corporate objectives
  • Fraud investigation

Core Values .

Integrity- To promote and uphold
Fairness-   To practice
Confidentiality- To promote and uphold
Reliability- To live up to it
Teamwork-To eschew
Diversity-To accomodate

Mandate of Audit committee.

 (a) The audit committee should drive the assessment of the performance of the head of internal audit.

 (b) Examine internal and external audit reports and recommendations after management response to ensure action is taken.

 (c) There should be in place adequate mechanisms of   enabling the audit committee facilitate adequate disposal of all PAC/PIC recommendations. This is done by following up to ensure positive action is taken

 (d) The audit committee is responsible for communicating with the internal and external auditors. In its overseeing role, the committee should focus on:-  

  1. The changing business environment;
  2. Changing financial reporting requirement;
  3. Audit findings, including comments governance, risk and controls;
  4. Proposed audit scope and audit coverage and approaches with respect to complex, high risks, and judgment areas;
  5. Management response to specific audit recommendations.

 email: audit@nyamiraassembly.go.ke

The Internal Audit function reports to the Board Audit Committee and continually feeds the Management with progressive audit findings and recommendations thereto


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