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The Directorate has the the following sections

  1. Infrastructure
  2. Transport
  3. Secretarial
  4. Office Assistants
  5. Security
  6. Catering






The maintenance function involves provision of good working conditions, clean and save environment that facilitate effective and efficient provision of services by members of County Assembly and staff.

The maintenance function also involves carrying out repairs and maintenance of buildings, plant and equipment and coordination of design, documentation and implementation of development and capital projects.

The following are the Functions of infrastructure department:

  • Preparation of designs and contract documents for development and other capital projects and overseeing implementation of projects;
  • Coordination and supervision of cleaning and gardening contractors contracted to carry out cleaning of County Assembly buildings, flower beds and lawns and ensuring that the flower beds and gardens are maintained in good condition including irrigating grassed lawns;
  • Coordinating and carrying out repair works required on buildings, plant and equipment;
  • Provision of technical inputs; by preparing specifications of minor repair works and minor alterations in buildings, plant and equipment;
  • Ensuring continuous supply of power, water and other utilities.
  •   Design   ,Plan / drawing of what is to be constructed
  • Construction  the  Building / fabrication of what has been designated
  • Repair / Maintenance : Fixing of what is damaged, broken, or not working properly
  • Approved design: All engineering designs must be of the approved and scheduled projects
  • Approved construction: All engineering constructions must be of the approved and scheduled projects
  • Construction schedule: Construction / repair activities must conform to the project’s approved drawings


The transport function basically involves driving duties; routine checks and maintenance of the vehicles; maintenance of work tickets; carrying out first aid; detecting and reporting any malfunctioning of the vehicle’s systems; security of the vehicle on and off the road; safety of passengers and/or goods; carrying authorized passengers and/or goods; cleanliness and overall vehicle maintenance and management; and scheduling of vehicles for official transport duties.



The Secretarial function entails providing secretarial services in a given office in the County Assembly Service. This entails attending to enquiries; receiving and attending to clients; handling correspondence, office documents and equipments; recording dictation in shorthand; typewriting, processing data; maintaining office diary, protocols and travel itineraries, ensuring proper office layout; operating office equipment and machines; management of e-office; and ensuring security of office records, documents and equipment. 



The Office Assistants’ Function entails office cleaning, messegerial duties and responsibility of office equipment etc.



The main function is to coordinate security within the precincts of County Assembly by:

  • guarding, keeping watch, and gathering intelligence information
  • Keeping security for movement of persons, goods and vehicles/plants and maintaining of records
  • Investigations: Official attempt to find out the reasons for something happening – crime, accident, problems  in County Assembly


The County Assembly catering function entail the formulation, interpretation and application of catering policy, procedures, rules and regulations including production and dispensation of food in the kitchens of County Assembly

  1. Activities in food production – Planning, Preparation of Recipes (ingredients), Making of Dishes
  2. Taking and serving orders of clients
  3. Hygiene - cleaning of crockery, cutlery and catering premises
  4. Book-keeping : -edger accounts; kitchen audit; consumption reports



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