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The Vision 

To be the best internal audit service in terms of professionalism, integrity and fairness in the public sector in Kenya and beyond.

The Mission

The mission of the Internal Audit Department is to assist the management and the Board to accomplish their mission by providing assurance and consulting services designed to add value and improve the Assembly's operations. The Department helps the Assembly accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes

 Internal audit staff


Audit Committee Membership

  • Samuel Ogega- chairperson
  • Rebecca Matunda-Vice/chairperson
  • Elijah Mong'are -Member
  • Linet Moraa -member
  • CPA Mwamba Joash-secretary

Mandate of internal Audit.

The department is charged with the following key responsibilities: -

  • Continuous review of the risk environment of the Assembly’s operations
  • Continuous review of internal processes and  controls to determine their effectiveness in risk management
  • Continuous review of financial reporting, performance and controls
  • Monitoring of compliance with regulatory requirements, professional demands and good practices
  • Monitoring of compliance with internal policies, management directives and corporate objectives
  • Fraud investigation

Core Values .

Integrity- To promote and uphold
Fairness-   To practice
Confidentiality- To promote and uphold
Reliability- To live up to it
eamwork-To eschew
Diversity-To accomodate

Mandate of Audit committee.

(a) The audit committee should drive the assessment of the performance of the head of internal audit.

(b) Examine internal and external audit reports and recommendations after management response to ensure action is taken.

(c) There should be in place adequate mechanisms of   enabling the audit committee facilitate adequate disposal of all PAC/PIC recommendations. This is done by following up to ensure positive action is taken

(d) The audit committee is responsible for communicating with the internal and external auditors. In its overseeing role, the committee should focus on:- 

  1. The changing business environment;
  2. Changing financial reporting requirement;
  3. Audit findings, including comments governance, risk and controls;
  4. Proposed audit scope and audit coverage and approaches with respect to complex, high risks, and judgment areas;
  5. Management response to specific audit recommendations.

email: audit@nyamiraassembly.go.ke

The Internal Audit function reports to the Board Audit Committee and continually feeds the Management with progressive audit findings and recommendations thereto

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