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Vision: To become the preferred reference service point

Mission: To serve diligently and offer professional advice to Members of the County Assembly of Nyamira as they discharge their roles and responsibilities.

The Directorate is headed by Director Procedures and Committee Services and assisted by the Deputy Director Procedures and Committee Services

The directorate consists of five departments namely;

1.   Procedures And Committee Services Department

2.   Hansard Department

3.   Serjeant-At-Arms Department

4.   ICT Department

5.   Public Communications Department

Procedures and committee services division

It is divided into two namely;

     i. Table and Journals Division

    ii. Committee Services Division

Table and Journals

      • This is the office that supports ‘Table’ of the Assembly.
      • The table office is the nerve centre to the County Assembly.
      • All documentation/Journals relating to proceedings of the House are kept in the Table Office.

Roles of the Table and Journals Division

The roles of the Table and Journal Office include among others;

    • Clerks in the Table Office advise Members on how to word Motions so that they conform to the rules of the House. The Table Office staff also draft and edit notices of motions, petitions and Statements filed by Members.
    • Table Office staff advise Members on procedural matters such as whether motions, Statements or petitions are in order
    • Administer all business relating to legislation by processing Bills, preparing legislative documents such as schedule of amendments
    • Tracking of Bills, Statements, Motions and Petitions using trackers
    • The Table Office produces the Assembly’s Order Paper
    • Preparation and custody of list of speakers for all debates
    • Responds to all inquiries relating to work of the Assemblyand acts as an information hub for members of the County Assembly, staff as well as general public
    • Preparation of Votes and Proceedings
    • Serializing, custody and tracking of Statements, Petitions, Motions and Bills
    • Coordinate programs for visiting MCAs and Assembly officers from other County Assemblies

Committee Services Division

The Committee Services Division offers administrative services to all Committees of the County Assembly.

Roles of the Committee Services Division

    • Offering administrative services to the Division
    • Formulation of committee work plans and budgets
    • Preparation of committee schedule
    • Conducting research on aspects of the committees
    • Offering of proceduraladvice to committee chairpersons and members in regard to legislative practices and procedures in regard to the conduct of committee business
    • Facilitation and coordination of committee meetings, seminars and conferences including booking and preparation of meeting venues
    • Keeping custody of records of committees including minutes of meetings, reports and correspondences
    • Facilitation of public participation and involvement in the activities of the committee

Member of Procedures and Committee Services Division

 ombego millymory2   peninah


gisesa  hassan2   willy  dorah
Michael Gisesa - Clerk Assistant Hassan Mokaya - Clerk Assistant Wilfred Onkoba - Clerk Assistant Dorah Siro - Clerk Assistant
 riro  PATIO  sorobi  NYAMETTE
Mr. Kevin Riro - Clerk Assistant Ms. Patience Orina - Clerk Assistant Ms. Gladys Sorobi - Clerk Assistant Ms. Stella Nyamete - Clerk Assistant
 felis  nyangau
Ms. Felis Osoro - Clerk Assistant Mrs. Linet Nyangau - Clerk Assistant

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The Hansard Department was established in April, 2013. The core function of the Department is the production of accurate, timely and efficient reports of the proceedings of the County Assembly plenary and its committees. The Hansard mandate is provided for in the County Assembly of Nyamira Standing Order Number 221(1). In the department therefore, we produce verbatim reports of the Assembly plenary sittings and we record committee hearings.


Currently, the department is headed by Mr. Silvanus Ndemo Nyamora, Hansard Editor and a team of the following five dedicated officers.

Members of the Department

Silvanus Ndemo Nyamora
Mr. Silvanus Ndemo Nyamora, Hansard Editor

Ms. Winnie Kerubo Onguso

 Evans Mwebi Osinde

Miss Lydia Mokeira Ondieki, Assistant Hansard Editor Mr. Arnold Omayio Ageta, Hansard Reporter 1 Ms. Winnie Kerubo Onguso Hansard Reporter 1

Mr. Evans Mwebi Osinde, Assistant Hansard Reporter1

Mr. Philemon Keoro Maangi, Hansard Technician



Vision Statement

To become an enabler of change within the Assembly by assisting all departments to enhance productivity through the innovative use of technology.

Mission Statement

To provide appropriate Information and Communication technologies that enable the members and staff of the Assembly to access the information and services necessary to do their jobs.


1.      To ensure provision and maintenance of infrastructural facilities necessary for ICT development

2.      To promote and support the systematic, relevant and sustainable development of ICTs

3.      To establish structures for effective implementation of ICTs strategies

4.      To ensure equitable access to benefits offered by ICTs across all departments

5.      Reduce costs and improve returns for ICT

6.      Improve Public Satisfaction in the ICT Service delivery

7.      Deliver the systems and technical architecture for a changing County Assembly of Nyamira

8.      Protect and improve the use of County Assembly of Nyamira information

9.      Improve outcomes in County Assembly of Nyamira by harnessing ICT skills & innovation


Core Values

Cores values for the ICT department are summarised in the following acronym “ARISE

      • Accountability
      • Reliable, result oriented
      • Innovation, integrity
      • Sense of urgency
      • Excellency


Mandate of the ICT department in the County Assembly

  • To develop ICT policy and ICT strategy
  • To Automate core services
  • To Maintain server functions
  • To provide Data management services
  • To design, develop and maintain the Website
  • To provide technical support to the members of the county Assembly and staff
  • To provide and maintain secure user friendly information systems
  • To distribute computer hardware, peripheral and computer consumables
  • To provide hardware and software support which includes installation and servicing
  • To provide software maintenance and troubleshooting,
  • To solve user problems and assisting them whenever need arises
  • To provide network administration
  • To provide administration of emails, intranet, extranet and internet facilities
  • To provide computer training for the staff and MCA’s

Members of the Department







The ICT department has developed the ICT policy, Nyamira ICT Strategy for 2017-2022, and ICT Governance Framework in line with the existing government policies, legal and regulatory framework.

The ICT policy seeks to;

a)      Ensure provision of adequate and reliable information systems in the County Assembly of Nyamira

b)      Provide guidelines on the usage of ICT software, hardware and services in the County Assembly of Nyamira

c)      Ensure information security of County Assembly of Nyamira systems and data

d)     Promote efficient utilization of information systems within the County Assembly of Nyamira employees

e)      Ensure application of best practices and standards

f)       Promote spirit of awareness, co-operation, trust and consideration for others.


The County Assembly of Nyamira ICT Strategy for 2017-2022 reflects a number of changes in our approach to ICT strategic planning to meet this need.  This strategy has to be focussed almost exclusively on the capabilities of the County Assembly of Nyamira, ICT  delivery Service and on technological directions. In taking a more holistic view, this Strategy starts to recognise the pervasive nature and benefits of ICT as an asset to County Assembly of Nyamira -M.C.As, public and staff - and a growing need to extend ICT investments to real assembly benefits. It also recognises the need for the entire County Assembly of Nyamira to be engaged with the ICT Strategy and for it to address its needs.

In drawing these requirements together, the ICT Strategy presents 5 overarching goals:-

  • Reduce costs and improve returns for ICT
  • Improve institution Satisfaction in the ICT Service delivery
  • Deliver the systems and technical architecture for the County Assembly of Nyamira
  • Protect and improve the use of information
  • Improve outcomes by harnessing ICT skills & innovation

ICT Governance Framework

Finally the ICT Governance Framework defines the systematic method by which the current and future use of ICT is directed and controlled within the County Assembly of Nyamira. It involves evaluating and directing plans for the use of ICT to enable support for the organization and monitor the use to achieve those plans and ensure that risks are identified and managed properly. It includes formulation, implementation and enforcement of the ICT strategy, policies, procedures and standards for using ICT within the County Assembly of Nyamira.

The purpose of ICT Governance as per the Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies (COBIT) Framework is to ensure that:

  •     ICT is aligned with business
  •     ICT enables the business and maximizes benefits
  •     ICT resources are used responsibly
  •     ICT risks are managed appropriately


Membership of the ICT Steering Committee shall reflect the diversity of users of ICT services. Essentially, the senior most officers in the identified departments and directorates shall be co-opted as members.

No. Designation Role
1. Budget officer Chairman
2. Head ICT V/Chairman
3. ICT Officer Secretary
4. Office of the Clerk Member
5. Director Supply Chain Member
6. Director Procedures & Committee Services Member
7. Director Accounts & Finance Member
8. Director Human Resource Member
9. Director  Legal, Research and Library Services Member
10. Director Internal  Audit Member

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Mandate of the Department

1.      Devise and implement measures to ensure proper projection of the identity and public image of the County Assembly of Nyamira (CAN) through branding of Assembly materials.

2.      Advise, County Assembly Service Board (CASB), the Speaker, Members of County Assembly (MCAs), the Clerk and staff on matters communication, media, protocol and related issues.

3.      Engage with the public and media on matters of concern to the organization and participate in promotional events.

4.      Analyze media coverage and undertake relevant market research.

5.      Gather information on policies, programs and significant events that impact on the organization and its clients.

6.      Preparearticles and publications articulating on specific issues and edit Assembly publications.

7.      Keep and maintain all public communication print and electronic materials including audio visuals and photographs.

8.      Develop, implement and review the Corporate Communications Policy and communication strategies;

9.      Design, initiate research on corporate relations issues and develops appropriate interventions.

10.  Orienting visiting delegations on operations of the Assembly.

11.  Responsible for the public relations aspect within the Assembly. Builds and sustains Assembly reputation for quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

12.  Writes and delivers press releases and handles all communication sent to the public.

Members in the Department

  Robert Nyasato- HoD  
 omwega  janet felistus  mary 
Evans Omwega- Public Relations Officer 1 Janet Onchagwa- Customer Care  Officer 1 Felisters Otwabe- Communications/Protocol Officer Mary Kerubo- Communication/Protocol Officer

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Serjeant-at-Arms Department

The Chief Serjeant-at-Arms is an office in the Parliamentary Service charged with duties involving service to the Speaker, Members, the Clerk and other staff of the County Assembly and performance of chamber and ceremonial duties. The Serjeant-at-Arms also perform a number of miscellaneous security and safety duties for the general welfare of Parliament. In performing these duties the Office of Serjeant-at-Arms perform the following duties:-

1. Maintain custody of the mace;
2. Ensure protective security for all persons and property and advises the Speaker and the Clerk on the same;
3. Perform chamber and ceremonial duties;
4. Provide interdepartmental and chamber support services;
5. Enforce and implement the Speaker’s orders and other directives;
6. Allocate office accommodation to Senators and staff and conference rooms to Committees;
7. Ensure fire prevention and safety of the facilities;
8. Ensure compliance with occupational health requirements/standards;
9. Access control management;
10. Crowd management;
11. Ensure desirable housekeeping standards;
12. Maintain decorum within the precincts of parliament;
13. Disaster preparedness and mitigation;
14. Investigating incidents;
15. Coordinate parliament police;
16. Disseminates relevant information to members through notice boards;
17. Carries out periodical security surveys; and
18. Conducts institutional risk assessment;

Members of the Department

  Mr George Angweny - Senior Serjeant At-Arms  

  Geoffrey Nyamiaka - Serjeant At-Arms

Michael Ongoro Ocharo - Serjeant At-Arms


Bonface Keranda - Serjeant At-Arms

Stellah Moraa - Serjeant At-Arms

Jacquilline  Nyamboga-Commissionaire Brian Moriasi-Commissionaire


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