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Mr. David Ombego – Director Legal Services

The department was established in December 2014 with jurisdictional mandate to handle all legal issues pertaining to the County Assembly of Nyamira including but not limited to:

1. Drafting Private Members’ Bills and advising Hon.Members on the same;

2. Rendering Legal Opinions to the Speaker, the Clerk, Board of Management, the various Departments and Private Members of County Assembly on various issues concerning parliamentary and administrative work;

3. Advising on County Government Bills by assisting Committees of the Assembly and Private Members of Assembly to scrutinize the Bills and draft proposed amendments to Bills before the Assembly;

4. Ensuring that the Bills passed by the Assembly are forwarded to the Office of the Speaker for the preparation of the Vellum copies prior to transmission to the Governor for assent;

5. Drafting Rulings for the approval of and delivery by Hon. Speaker;

(The Hon Speaker has at his disposal a Principal Legal advisor who undertakes various legal issues including and not limited to drafting legal opinions, house rulings and all official aspects in the office of the Speaker);

6. Serving as Speaker’s Counsel and in this capacity acts as legal counsel to the Speaker in respect of all official aspects of the Speaker’s office;

7. Offering Litigation services by attending to court cases involving County Assembly as a County government institution,in conjunction with the Speaker;

8.Legal Research on assorted legal and procedural matters and participating in revising the County assembly Standing Orders and Members’ Handbook, subject to approval by the Standing Orders Committee;

9. Undertaking Chamber Services by advising on any legal issues that may arise in the course of proceedings in the Chamber of the Assembly;

10. Advising County Assembly Committees writing legal opinions, briefs and memoranda for use by the Committees and other departments.

The Legal office has provided a myriad of Legal counsel to various Assembly stakeholders and undertakes litigation of various court cases affecting the County Assembly.

Through the cooperation of the legal department and other stakeholders, the Legal office has facilitated the passing of several Bills into Law and scrutinized codes and regulations including the following:

  1. The Nyamira County Alcoholic Drinks Control Act, 2014

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