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The Directorate of Legal, Library and Research Services is established Pursuant to Section 12 (7) (b) of the County Government Act No. 17 of 2012 to wit;

12.(7)(b) There shall be a county assembly service board for each county assembly.

(7)The county assembly service board is responsible for—

(b)constituting offices in the county assembly service, and appointing and supervising office holders;


The directorate consists of three departments namely;

1.      Legal services department

2.      Research services department

3.      Library services department




Legal services responsibilities

1. Drafting Private Members Bills and advising Hon. Members on the same;

2. Rendering Legal Opinions to the Speaker, the Clerk, Board of Management, the various Departments and Private Members of County Assembly on various issues concerning parliamentary and administrative work;

3. Advising on County Government Bills by assisting Committees of the Assembly and Private Members of Assembly to scrutinize the Bills and draft proposed amendments to Bills before the Assembly;

4. Ensuring that the Bills passed by the Assembly are forwarded to the Office of the Speaker for the preparation of the Vellum copies prior to transmission to the Governor for assent;

5. Drafting Rulings for the approval of and delivery by Hon. Speaker;

(The Hon Speaker has at his disposal a Principal Legal advisor who undertakes various legal issues including and not limited to drafting legal opinions, house rulings and all official aspects in the office of the Speaker);

6. Serving as Speaker’s Counsel and in this capacity acts as legal counsel to the Speaker in respect of all official aspects of the Speaker’s office;

7. Offering Litigation services by attending to court cases involving County Assembly as a County government institution, in conjunction with the Speaker;

8.Legal Research on assorted legal and procedural matters and participating in revising the County assembly Standing Orders and Members’ Handbook, subject to approval by the Standing Orders Committee;

9. Undertaking Chamber Services by advising on any legal issues that may arise in the course of proceedings in the Chamber of the Assembly;

10. Advising County Assembly Committees writing legal opinions, briefs and memoranda for use by the Committees and other departments.




Research services responsibilities

1. The provision of non-partisan, professional research assistance and analysis of issues to Members, Committees and staff of County Assembly;

2. They also provide an analysis of the strength and weaknesses of policy options, the annual management reports of County from various Committees;

3. Preparation of County Assembly reports, Briefs, Background and Discussion papers and fact-sheets on various aspects of County Assembly;

4. Formulation, interpretation and application of research policies, procedures, rules and regulations;

5. Rulings of the Chair, evolution, growth and contemporary aspects of County Assembly;

6. Initiating and conduct anticipatory research and analysis on key policy issues;

7. Providing expert interpretation, explanation and analysis, including assessing the strength and weaknesses of policy options;

8. Maintaining a periodically updated inventory of publications on current issues, legislation and major public policy issues/questions;

9. Ensure quality control in the preparation of research papers, briefing notes and particular points of view;

10. Providing back up to County Assembly committees;

11. Writing research papers and reports and facilitate their subsequent publications and dissemination.

Members of the division

 ondieki1  chris

      Bonface   Ondieki 

Research Officer

          Christopher Kinanga 

Research Officer



It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Count Assembly of Nyamira Library. The Assembly Library is your gateway to information resources that will inspire and facilitate your research and study across all disciplines related to legislative issues. In order to execute its mandate, the County Assembly of Nyamira relies on Library services for enhancement of efficiency in legislative matters. Thus, the Assembly commits to ensure that adequate legislative information resources are provided to implement a reliable and appropriate Library infrastructure for guaranteed provision of quality services.

The Library’s services and collections are entirely dedicated to support the County Assembly Members of staff and Members of County Assembly (MCAs). We provide the opportunity for all Staff, Former Members of County Assembly and current serving Members of Assembly to request the use of its extensive catalog of both physical and digital books and journals.

Our Library offers excellent internet connectivity and efficient online access to its rich e-resources and digital content through an advanced set of information and communication technology-based facilities.

The Library’s patrons have a wide variety of access routes to conduct expert research and retrieve relevant resources. Our library contains a hybrid collection of printed legislative books, Reference materials, Magazines, Newspapers, Committee reports, Bills, Acts, Motions, Petitions, Standing Orders, Constitution, Hansard Reports, Order papers, and other e-resources such as e-Legislative journals, e-government books, electronic Newspapers and Other technical Reports. The Library stays committed to obtaining unavailable requested materials from the Government printer, book suppliers and inter-library exchanges.

Our library staff are pleased to offer their expertise in answering your inquiries about any library-related issues. The Library website also provides informative guidelines and answers to most of your frequently asked questions (FAQs).

We look forward to serving you and welcome your comments and suggestions.



Kerandi Ndubi Nyanumba Joshua

Head of Department


The core of Information and Knowledge for Empowerment in legislation


In all our dealings with you, we will be: 



Customer Focused

Knowledge driven


The primary mission of the County Assembly of Nyamira Library is to provide services and materials that support and reflect the legislative, oversight and representation goal of the Assembly. The Library function is to support the Hon. Members and staff of the County Assembly with information needs.


1.      To provide access to current and authoritative information resources that will support the needs of the Hon. Members and staff of the Assembly. 

2.      To increase depth and breadth of the collection in a variety by continuous evaluation and improvement of the Library services

3.      To serve as a resource to Hon. Members and staff of the Assembly by providing materials of quality, diversity, relevance, and balance that will promote the development of critical analysis skills and   informed judgment.

4.      To assist Hon. Members and staff of the Assembly with the construction of search strategies that result in the effective use of library resources. 

5.      To function as a resource in providing access to information and materials in other libraries through participation in regional and national information networks and systems. 

6.      To provide qualified personnel to serve Hon. Members and staff of the Assembly in developing and maintaining collections, and evaluating services and activities on a continuing basis.

7.      To provide a clean, safe, attractive and reasonably quiet environment that will encourage research.


The County Assembly of Nyamira library committee exists to provide guidance to the Assembly Service on all elements related to the mission of the Assembly library. The Library Committee is responsible for the following tasks:

1.      Advise the Clerk on the operations, facilities, events, and budget of the Libraries.

2.      Regularly review the Library policies and strategic planning documents.

3.      Research, draft, and recommend new policies when requested.

4.      Serve as an advocate for the Library to the Assembly service

5.      Serve as a communication channel between Hon. Members and staff of the Assembly and library liaisons concerning the acquisition, accessibility, and withdraw of library resources.

1.6 Membership consists of nine (9) Members as follows;

       I.    The clerk

      II.   The director Legal, Library and Research Services-Chairperson

     III.  Two library services staff-Secretary

     IV.   A Research officer

      V.   An ICT officer

    VI.   A Budget officer

   VII.   Two members of the County Assembly


  The functions of the Library are:   

1.      To establish and maintain a range and quality of services and resources that will complement and strengthen legislation.

2.      To encourage optimal use of resources.

3.      To provide information literacy training to Hon. Members and staff of the Assembly. 

4.      To provide resources in a variety of formats to meet individual needs.

5.      To provide professional reference services.

6.      To provide technical services to maintain Library resources.

7.      To provide a comfortable and quiet study space for Hon. Members and staff of the Assembly.

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