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The office of the Speaker of the county assembly is established under Article 178 (1) (2) (a) (b) of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010.

It provides that, each County Assembly shall have a Speaker elected by the County Assembly from among persons who are not Members of the Assembly.

Further, Sections 2 and 11 (1) (b) of the County Government Act, 2012 provides for the position of the Speaker in County Assembly.


Roles and Functions and Mandate of The Speaker

  1. Presiding over sittings of the Assembly and maintaining law and order in the House
  2. Applying and interpreting the rules of procedure (Standing Orders), conventions, practices and precedents of the Assembly
  3. Defender and protector of the Assembly privileges, practices and traditions
  4. Is the Official Representative and Spokesperson of the Assembly both within and outside
  5. Is the Chairperson of the top policy organ of Legislative Assembly (County Assembly Service Board)
  6. Administering the oath of office to Members of the County Assembly
  7. Recognizing Members for the purpose of debates and contributions in the house
  8. Referring Bills and Resolutions of the house to Committees
  9. Presiding over the general conduct of business and proceedings of the House while in session
  10. Making informed Rulings and decisions in the house derived from the debates and contributions of the Members of the County Assembly.

Achievements and Gains to the County Assembly
Despite the numerous and myriad challenges facing the county assemblies in the entire Republic, the County Assembly of Nyamira has strived to surmount the otherwise monumental problems ranging from, Budget constraints, Capacity building to proper mechanisms of carrying out the mandate of oversight, legislation and regulation of expenditure in the County Government of Nyamira. Nonetheless, the Hon. Speaker and his office have tirelessly worked towards realizing the dreams of devolution by entrenching the spirit of effective service delivery to the public by the Assembly. Most of the achievements of the County Assembly are attributed to the following


Article 185 (1) (2) of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010, provides that;

  1. The legislative authority of a county is vested in, and exercised by, its county assembly.
  2. A county assembly may make any laws that are necessary for or incidental to, the effective performance of the functions and exercise of the powers of the county government under the Fourth Schedule.

In this regard, my office has worked very closely with Members of the County Assembly and has so far, drafted laws, policies and Regulations that serve to regulate the unique diversity of our people in developmental needs. We underscore that since inception of County Governments, the achievement of having enacted over ten (10) pieces legislation (Acts or Statute Laws) that are fully compliant with the Constitution and operational in the County Government of Nyamira. This in my view, is a satisfactory and fulfilling achievement.

Enshrined in Article 185 (3) of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010, this noble responsibility is vested in the County Assembly and that, while respecting the principle of separation of powers, may exercise oversight over the county executive committee and any other county organs. This has been achieved through the Standing and Sectoral Committees of the County Assembly and my office has and continues to work with respective committees in interrogating and tabling in the house, Reports, Papers and relevant documents from the various Executive Committee Members as well as  

The office of the Hon Speaker to the County Assembly of Nyamira has strived to properly serve the Members of the County Assembly by approving and authorizing as well as encouraging members to articulate in the house, pertinent issues that affect our people. So far, the members have responded very towards this worthy calling.
Other achievements that the office of the Hon Speaker has initiated and assisted to achieve include, approval of Annual Budget within the mandatory legal timeframe, formulation and subscription of Integrity Code of Conduct for state officers (Members of the County Assembly) wherein the officers have been synthesized to observe the tenets of Article 75 of Chapter Six of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 and customization of Speaker’s Rules (Standing Orders)

We look forward to make history by providing leadership through integration of prudent ideologies and principles of good governance even as we embark on the final year of the first term of devolution in the County Assembly of Nyamira.


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