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Nyamira County Assembly is the forum through which the people, who own the sovereign power to govern, can participate in the making of laws, formulation of policies for taxation, budgeting, and the establishment of the County Public Service.
Through the same forum, the people maintain surveillance and oversight on how they are governed; while the County Executive gives an account of its operations in governing the County.








 The County Assembly adheres the following values:
1.    Unity in Diversity: We appreciate the County constitute persons from different communities, living and working in the County in harmony. The Assembly works in this context.
2.    Integrity: We endeavour to give services to all our clients in an environment of fairness without taking any undue advantage of their vulnerability or abilities.
3.    Teamwork: We shall always work together one and all to deliver results.
4.    Impartiality: In delivering services, we shall treat all equally irrespective of their background and abilities.
5.    Responsiveness: It will be our desire to ensure we act effectively and efficiently in all our endeavours with focus on service delivery.








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County Assembly of Nyamira

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