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The County Assembly of Nyamira is the forum through which the people, who own the sovereign power to govern, can participate in the making of laws, formulation of policies for taxation, budgeting, and the establishment of the County Public Service. Through the same forum, the people maintain surveillance and oversight on how they are governed; while the County Executive gives an account of its operations in governing the County.



 To be the most effective County Assembly that fulfills its constitutional mandate


 To be a County Assembly that promotes robust oversight, participatory representation and just legislation


 The County Assembly adheres the following values:

Maintain the highest level of accountability, fairness, transparency and honesty

Involving all stakeholders in planning and decision making

Strive to work together in view of realizing our Vision and Mission

Commitment to quality service delivery

Committed to quick, appropriate and efficient feedback

    • vet and approve nominees for appointment to county public offices as may be provided for in the County Government Act 2012 or any other law;
    • perform the roles set out under Article 185 of the Constitution;
    • approve the budget and expenditure of the county government in accordance with Article 207 of the Constitution, and the legislation contemplated in Article 220(2) of the Constitution, guided by Articles 201 and 203 of the Constitution;
    • approve the borrowing by the county government in accordance with Article 212 of the Constitution;
    • approve county development planning; and
    • perform any other role as may be set out under the Constitution or legislation.

Section 8 of the County Governments Act 2012 provides for the role of the County Assembly.The Nyamira County Assembly shall—








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